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4 Things That Younger Women Find Attractive About Older Men

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If you are an older guy and are looking to go out with a younger girl, then take heart as there are many young women that will choose you over a younger guy for several reasons.

Firstly she will be attracted to your more sophisticated, gentlemanly ways as she will see you as much more classy compared to younger men. As an older man you are more likely to treat her like a lady, be more considerate, appreciative and attentive to her.

Secondly women like men who know what they are doing, are more decisive and know what they want - all of which comes from being older and therefore more ‘together‘ than younger men.

Thirdly some girls actually prefer the more mature look of an older man as long as he is reasonably fit, not a couch potato!

The fourth thing you have in your favour as an older man is she will like your life experience, wisdom and extra confidence you will have gained over the years.

You will need to be living a not too settled lifestyle, you will also need to be active, interesting and have some spirit plus a good sense of fun to help match her youthfulness.

Also remember when going out with a young woman, be prepared for her to continue growing, developing, changing and maturing until she gets to 28 years old, which is the age most women (and men) reach full adult maturity.

If you do succeed in dating a young lady, you may well find that she will make you feel very young and alive, so good luck and good hunting!

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